We are always on the lookout for new products. We want to hear from you if you have a book or software product in our category. We focus on outcome-based training materials and references that help military professionals accomplish their work more easily. If you think you have a product that fits that description, call us at (256) 830-8282 or send us an email


New Authors

There are many talented and knowledgeable service members in the US military who wish to pass along their knowledge by writing a book or developing a software product. Publishing and marketing these projects yourself can be expensive and time consuming. General interest publishing companies do not have the contacts and knowledge required to profitably publish in the Professional Military Books and Digital Media niche. As a leader in military publishing, Mentor Enterprises has the resources to work with you and help you develop your idea into a product. This can involve everything from editing and design to marketing and sales–and anything in between.

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Product Submission

Send a copy of your manuscript to the address below. If we determine your product to be a good fit for our category, we will contact you and provide additional guidance.

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